About Us

In the Beginning

Women’s Surgery & Aesthetics Center was formally known as Chattanooga Women’s Laser Center.  Chattanooga Women’s Laser Center was established by Dr. C.Y. Liu in the late 1980’s as the premier center in the world for laparoscopic management of the most complicated gynecologic conditions.  C.Y. Liu is a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS) and is known throughout the world as one of the greatest laparoscopic surgeons of our time.  Upon his retirement from active clinical practice in 2009, Dr. Liu hand-selected Dr. Robert S. Furr to take over control of Chattanooga Women’s Laser Center. 


Continuing Tradition of Excellence

Since that time, Dr. Furr has committed himself to continuing the tradition of excellence in all aspects of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery by strictly adhering to the fundamentals established by Dr. C.Y. Liu.  In addition, Dr. Furr has brought to the center a background of excellent training in gynecologic and urogynecologic surgery by some of the most respected surgeons in the world.  With this foundation, Dr. Furr has dramatically enhanced the services and surgical techniques offered at our center.  In the spirit his mentor, Dr.Furr continues to push the envelope and pioneer new techniques in minimally invasive gynecologic and urogynecologic surgical procedures.  The result of this dedication is that we are able to offer women the most advanced surgical options backed by sound fundamentals and excellent long-term outcomes.


A New Beginning

In 2015, Dr. Furr moved the practice from the original, dated office to a modern, state-of-the-art 7000sf facility. This move was driven by Dr. Furr’s vision of providing a unique approach to a woman’s experience at a healthcare provider’s office an experience that insures trust that you will be listened to, respected and provided with world-class healthcare.  This experience begins with our friendly, experienced staff who will always make you feel welcome and put your mind at ease from the moment you step into our spacious, contemporary waiting area.  

Professional & Responsive.


Our professional, well-experienced medical staff will obtain your personal information in a private, spacious, exam room in a warm and caring manner.  You will NEVER be rushed at our facility and we will take time to answer any and all questions you may have.  Dr. Furr is passionate about what he does and is committed to educating his patients about whatever health issues or concerns they may have; and, no problem is too complex. Dr. Furr and his mid-level providers will work through each and every problem with you.  You and your provider will then develop a comprehensive, detailed and  individualized plan-of-care for each problem.  Our commitment to you is that you will never leave our office without knowing exactly how we will deal with each issue - whether it be one or one hundred.

Relax, You Are In Good Hands

Finally, in keeping with a commitment to a unique experience at our facility, we offer a full range of aesthetic services.  This is a perfect way to relax prior to or after your visit with our medical staff to take your mind off of even the most stressful situations.

We hope your visit to our website will be educational and stress free, and we look forward to seeing you!